National Aquatic Compliance

Installation Services

When you purchase your Aqua Creek Pool lift through National Aquatic Compliance you have the opportunity to buy trouble free installation that is provided through independent licensed contractors.

You confirm with National Aquatic Compliance the lift is the appropriate one for your site using the appropriate measure guide. Also provide several low resolution pictures of the pool and pool edge.

Standard factory certified installation and training starting at $1,415

The major points of the program are:

  • Ranger, Pro, and Scout lift $1,415 for one lift., two lifts at the same property only $1,985.
  • One property location. Adjoining properties are priced separately.
  • Additional cost for saw cut and pier installations.
  • Additional cost for permits and inspections. ◦ Hotel provides rooms when required.
  • Payment is due at time of sign off at the property.
If you want third party installation simply note it on your purchase order. Include your name and contact information, pool profile guides and site pictures.

The independent installation contractor will contact you and coordinate delivery of the lift from Aqua Creek with their installation, confirm prices and terms of payment. Additional prices are charged for nonstandard installations such as saw cuts and piers. The cost for building permits and inspections is yours.

Hotel room provided at no cost to the installation team as needed.

Payment is at time of completion as is typical with labor.